We help our clients assure their cyber security posture, align with preferred frameworks and manage cyber operations with tight budget reins

Observer Solutions simplify and automate cyber security through selected best of breed tools that our consultants and engineers implement, optimise and support.

RISK led thinking – Bringing it all together

Organisations face a real challenge with balancing running the business and ensuring assets are secure and this usually falls to a prioritisation call.
Observer solutions can assist with that call bringing together information from multiple sources and presenting this in a risk context.

Risk Based Assurance

  • Vulnerability Scans

    Known Vulnerabilities – often in the thousands’ which ones to patch first based on threat intel and asset criticality

  • Threat Intelligence

    Let real world activity drive your investment and efforts to secure against actual threats not historic perspectives.

  • Attack Vector testing (pentesting,
    phishing WAF etc…)

    Identify weaknesses in your posture across all attack vectors. Avoid duplication with known information from Vulnerability scanning. Run daily not annually and avoid missing weakness for months.

  • Controls Status

    Typically self assessed there will always be changes needed to control settings as the organisation changes and transforms. New features and functions evolve as the tools protecting the organisation improve. Include this information into the risk based decision making process.

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Using the latest technologies

The mature vendors have an important role to play and we help ensure their solutions are optimally tuned. As the shape, scale and nature of the challenge evolves we work hard to surface emergent solutions that offer proven ROI and fill gaps the established players struggle to fill. We embrace these technologies and help our clients to do the same.

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