About us

Our mantra is threefold: Simplify. Automate. Manage.

We like: Tools

that Simplify, Automate and Manage so we work closely with selected best of breed vendors and strategic partner organizations to deliver the constituent pieces of what we are proud to be able to boast are robust, economic and dependable enterprise cyber security solutions for our clients.

We prefer: Assurance

Given that we often engage initially for GRC briefs wherever possible we help inform Assurance so that ticked boxes (which won’t keep you safe) combine with a strong posture (which will).

We measure: Risk

Formed in 2009, we’re a cyber security business focused on supporting executives who own cyber risk whether at an operational or a strategic level. We provide accurate measurements that inform risk so you can control it.

We love: People

We think it’s a mistake to describe humans as the weak link. With the right training and focus on culture people can become a cornerstone of your defence posture.

We deliver: Soup to nuts

Engaging with the Board through CISO level, CRO, Heads of Compliance, the CIO and or CTO we recognize that in this frothy and fast evolving arena there is no such thing as a one size fits all model posture rather there are sets of warning flags that help remind us that by doing the simple things reliably, well and consistently you can mitigate the vast majority of the risk.

We earn the trust that allows us to manage the whole.

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